Poem: Ballad by Delta

That song doth cause my tears to flow,
   My care-worn heart to mourn;
It calls to mind the days gone by,
   That never can return
It tells of hopes that brightly shone,
   When life was in its spring,
And love made earth a paradise,
   And life a charmed thing.
When joy lit up the face with smiles,
   And played the heart along;
And she I loved so fervently,
   Was wont to sing that song!

I bear those old, familiar words,
   And listen to that air,
Until my bosom's finest chords,
   A mournful echo are:
I've sat beneath the forest tree,
   That shades the humble cot,
Where dwelt my love, to hear her sing;
   How changed is now my lot:
The tree, the cot, are standing still,
   Where they have stood so long;
But she is sleeping in the grave,
   That used to sing that song!

First published in The Argus, 1 September 1851

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