The Big Muddy

Jessa Crispin is "on the hunt" for fabulous fiction for Summer Reading and, for the "NPR" website, choses Joan London's novel The Good Parents.

As "The Australian" discovers writing a book is just the first step; you then have to find a publisher which may well be the hardest part. "Vivienne Kelly wrote four unpublished manuscripts before her debut novel, Cooee, was published by Scribe last year."

Judith Ridge had a very busy month of May; two writers' festivals resulting in a bad cold will do that.

Genevieve Tucker has all the links you could possibly want regarding the recent Emerging Writers'Festival. 

Jennifer Fallon lists 10 things a writer should never blog about.

Tony Park went along to the Literati writers' event on the Gold Coast and had a great time, even if his mate and fellow writer, Peter Watt, was stuck at home surrounded by floodwaters.

I know that Mark Twain toured Australia in the 1890s, that he went along to the Melbourne Cup and wowed all and sundry, but I didn't know that he'd actually visited Horsham.   I have a nephew living there.

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