Poem: Shelley by Robert Wisdom

Thine was a love-fraught mission, glorious bard,
   To raise the flag of Liberty unfurled,
   And pave the way for truth throughout the world -
Hatred and calumny thy sole reward -
   Nature and Love and Poesy combined
   To mould and animate thy godlike mind.
Faith, Tyranny, and Custom thou did'st scorn -
   Foul mists that darken Truth's resplendent day -
And petty hopes and fears of low cares born,
   Spurning the dull earth and its joys away:
As far aloft by noblest impulse driven
   The eagle soars in majesty and might.
Beyond the clouds that 'neath the cope of Heaven
   Screen from his view the sun's etherial light.

First published in The Maitland Mercury, and Hunter River General Advertiser 4 February 1854

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