Wendy Harmer Interview

With her fourth novel for adults, Roadside Sisters, due out on March 30th, Wendy Harmer talks to Madeline Healy of "The Courier-Mail".

"I wouldn't trust myself to write a literary novel because I'd want to make it funny."

A veteran in radio (she spent 11 years hosting Sydney radio station 2Day FM's top-rating breakfast show), Harmer says she aims to write books all readers can enjoy.

"A lot of the time people come to me and say, I read your book in one sitting," Harmer says. "And I think, I wish I'd made it more complex or more literary, but I do love the fact that I've written a book people find easy to read. The way I write is to write books without bumps. I don't like having to go back in a book to try to work out who is who, and what's happened before."

Harmer says there is a lot of snobbery about women's fiction and that literary critics think chick lit "will rot your teeth".

"I think on most bedside tables there will be a copy of a chick lit book, a favourite classic and a magazine," Harmer says. "Chick lit sells and that's helping keep the industry going, especially at the moment."

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