Linda Jaivin Interview

Linda Jaivin's latest novel is titled A Most Immoral Woman. Deborah Bogle interviewed the author for "The Courier-Mail".

"Good writing about sex is like good writing on any subject," Jaivin says. "The words must express exactly what the author wants to express, and do it in a way that feels fresh and interesting while advancing the plot and -- or -- revealing something about character.

"Bad writing about sex is always much worse than bad writing about nearly any other subject you can name," she says.

There is a scene in her new novel, A Most Immoral Woman (Fourth Estate, $32.99), where Jaivin guesses she walked that thin line, and perhaps even teetered over the edge.

"I have a moment in here where I felt I was going for it, where all of her clothes fall to the floor in order," says Jaivin, reaching for the book. "The urgency with which furs and hats and shoes and gloves were discarded and top bodice, under-bodice, gored skirt, petticoat, corset cover, busk, corset, chemise and drawers whispered to the floor," she reads.

"How can that be urgent?" she adds, hooting with laughter. "But that's obviously from my standpoint -- done as a funny line, and maybe I'll get the bad sex award for that."

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