Poem: Rod Quinn by John Le Gay Brereton

How many years, how many years have fled,
   Since in the cool dim parlour sat the three --
   Lawson and I and, lounging easily,
The beaming indolent poet! Then instead
Of labouring weary at the mill, we led
   The careless life of wanderers, frank and free,
   And had the wealth of a new-found world in fee:
How pitiless time gropes on with tireless tread!

A glass was raised, and golden liquor glowed
   When a ray from summer streets came piercing in;
      He drank the sunlight in the gloomy place!
And now I know the magic drink bestowed
   A vital golden splendour on Roderic Quinn,
      Which fumbling fingers of Time will scarce efface.

First published in Swag's Up! by John Le Gay Brereton, 1928

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