Judith Ridge remembers Sandy Campbell, "One of the great champions of Australian children's books and their readers".

The Man Booker Prize admininstration people are making some rule changes for submissions. "For clarity, former winners get free entry, former shortlisted authors now have to have been shortlisted within the past five years." This five years had previously been ten.

Sean Williams writes about a story he's been toying with since 1994. It's now to be published as a novel and he has also posted an excerpt. No title as yet, but he does say that the original, Widow of Opportunity, has been discarded.

Jonathan Strahan explains what it's like to be nominated for a major literary award, in this case a Hugo in 2008.

"Adelaide from Adelaide" - cos she's now in Abu Dhabi - posts about "plotting": writing not crime.

Marg, from the "Reading Adventures" weblog, went along to the first Australian Romance Readers Convention and writes about what she found there.

Jennifer Fallon spent a night in hospital hooked up to all sorts of equipment, got little sleep and felt like one of the Borg.

This isn't Australian and doesn't involve any Australian personnel yet, and probably won't - unless they cast Miranda Otto in the lead role - but it does concern a book that I have previously stated is probably as close to my favourite as any other I can think of. The word is that the BBC is in talks to make The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles into a four-hour television mini-series. I've never seen the Pinter-scripted film with Jeremy Irons and Meryl Streep, and I'm not sure I'd want to watch this either. I'm funny like that.

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