Interview with Kate Morton

Kate Morton is the author of two novels, The Shifting Fog and The Forgotten Garden. The second of these has been selected for Queensland's Big Book Club, and, as Morton gets ready the tour the state for the Club, she is interviewed for "The Courier-Mail" by Madeline Healy about her upcoming novel.

Set in 1940s England in the Kentish countryside, The Distant Hours looks at a time in World War II when the English were convinced a German invasion was not far off.

"And of course there's a bit of the future in there as well," Morton says.

She likes to mix up the past and present, taking readers on a journey back into the last century where secrets are uncovered and questions answered.

"But I wouldn't call myself a historical novelist," Morton says.

"I pick periods I'm interested in but wouldn't say I write historical fiction. I don't think that way because my interest in the past is always in relation to the future.

"The 20th century is a gift for me as a novelist."

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