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Terra Incognita is an Australian website that features podcasts of Australian sf writers reading their own short stories. It presents a new story every month, and you can download the files, listen online, or access them via iTunes. This month's story is "The Slimelight, and How to Step Into It" by Robert Hood.

Sean Williams has a few stories and a novel coming out in 2009. He looks like he's been busy.

The Sydney Writers' Festival has been going from strength to strength over the past few years under the stewardship of director Wendy Were. She is due to have her first child a month before this year's festival and is aiming to take a year off work. Needless to say SWF doesn't want to lose her and has agreed to her proposal. Now, according to "The Sydney Morning Herald" the festival board has appointed Chip Rolley to fill in for the year. The newspaper report details his background.

D.M. Cornish has posted some pages which may appear in the appendices of the third book in his Monster-Blood Tattoo fantasy series. It's just a pity we have to wait till May 2010 for publication date.

Pavlov's Cat posts a photo of her to-be-read file. Given she is a book reviewer for a major Australian newspaper I'm not sure if this is the stuff she has for review or just the stuff she wants to get to for herself.

Judith Ridge bemoans the fact that there aren't many children's and youth bloggers in Australia, comparing the situation to the USA where there are lots. She introduces Persnickety Snark from South Australia, and We Heart Books. This also elicits the mention of the Look at that Book weblog in the comments. To which we can also add The Book Chook. Seems like Judith has started something.

Speaking of new weblogs, James Bradley (author of Wrack, The Deep Field and The Resurrectionist which I reviewed here) has started his own weblog with the title City of Tongues. One to keep an eye on.

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