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My wife often looks at the piles of books all round the house and wonders - in a vociferant tone - why we don't actually get rid of some of them. Now, thanks to Peter Robins I have the answer.

Jonathan Strahan's anthology The Best SF and Fantasy of the Year Vol. 3 includes stories by Margo Lanagan and Greg Egan.

Australian authors Pamela Freeman and Sean Williams, back in December 2008, appeared on a Bookgeeks SF and Fantasy panel answering a few questions inspired by Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law of Prediction: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

In "The Guardian", Eloise Millar writes about Letty Fox: Her Luck by Christina Stead, and states: "Christina Stead's tale of high society and low morals is difficult to recommend, but underlines the variety of Virago Modern Classics". According to "The Courier-Mail", there actually are differences between all-male book clubs, and the other, mostly-female ones. Who knew?

YellowMonkey, "Yellow" to his mates, runs his own cricket blog and keeps an eye peeled for sloppy cricket writing. He was particularly annoyed by Miller's Luck by Roland Perry.

The Popular Penguin series seems to have done very well here in Australia, enough to convince sceptical Penguin executives in the UK to launch the idea there later in 2009. Three penguins for the price of a one normal trade paperback? Bit of a no-brainer I would have thought.

Max Barry sold the film rights to his novel Jennifer Government to Warner Bros. for Steve Soderbergh and George Clooney. The deal didn't work out. But that wasn't why he felt compelled to write an open letter to the film production company stating that the next time they come calling some of the clauses in the contract will be firmly struck out.

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