Tim Winton Watch #7

Reviews of Breath

"HeraldTribune": "The book's central metaphor of breathing, that most essential function for life, works its way through many aspects of the novel and the characters who people it. Although the beauty and danger of surfing stand at its center, Breath expands far beyond the sea to the base instincts and involuntary actions that keep us alive. What it means to go beyond the involuntary, to challenge one's very soul, is at the heart of the matter."
"the simplest game" weblog: "It's a great book, a beautiful book, a book to be inhaled in a single lung-bursting gulp."
1morechapter" weblog: "Ugh. I thought this was about a teen boy surfing in Australia. I wanted it to be about a teen boy surfing in Australia. And it was, for about 150 pages, then it goes off into a weird and extreme area that I will not mention here. I feel ripped off because I enjoyed the first 3/4 of the book, but then to have to be subjected to...blech." The problem with this review lies in the second sentence: don't go into a book expecting one thing and, if you don't get it, criticise the book for it. Read it for what it is, not what you wanted it to be.
Notes on the cover rather than the words.

Reviews of Cloudstreet

The BookFreaks featured the novel at a recent book group meeting.

Film adaptation of Dirt Music

Director Philip Noyce is worried that "The rise in popularity of internet blogs and gossip sites means a film's chances of success can be ruined before it is even finished.." He puts the point that every screening of a film will be reviewed by someone and that review will find its way around the world in no time. Which is true. It just points to a need to get things right before allowing any test screenings.

Theatre adaptation of Cloudstreet

A recent adaptation in Perth: "The WA Academy of Performing Arts production of the [novel]... under the direction of Kate Cherry, the newly appointed Black Swan Theatre Company artistic director, it will be the first WAAPA production of the play."


Winton's short story "The Water Was Dark" has been adapted into an eight-minute short film by ScreenWest.

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