Peter Carey Watch #9

Review of The Fat Man in History

"Aussie Reads" weblog: "Overall, these stories are a little odd (some are just downright weird) but they each have an important message to impart. Most importantly they are all enjoyable to read."

Review of Wrong About Japan

Kelly McClintock on "Student Travel Blog": "The book is an engaging mix of observations, history, anecdotes, and description in which the author comes to re-examine his own preconceived ideas about Japan. Peter Carey exposes a startlingly modern view of Japan while pursuing his son's love of anime and manga -- Japanese comic books. Carey reveals a country where the past is becoming as forgotten as the museums that house it."


Contemporary Australian composer, Brett Dean, is writing an opera based on Carey's first novel Bliss. A selection of songs from that piece, titled "Songs of Joy", premiered in Liverpool, UK, recently. "The Times" reports that the complete work will debut in 2010. Doesn't say where, however.
Carey appeared on a panel, at the New Yorker Festival, along with Hari Kunzru, and Gary Shteyngart, on the subject of "Outlaws."
Patrick Ness, author of The Knife of Never Letting Go, discusses his literary influences: "The author I admire most is Peter Carey, who I think is amazing, particularly in how his books seem to be just a smaller slice of a larger imagined world. I love that, the way you can pick up all kinds of richness in his books just by inference, so I'm huge fan of that."
Ross Raisin is a bit of a fan as well.

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