Australian Litblog Snapshot #4 - Margo Lanagan

Margo Lanagan is the prize winning author of a number of YA novels, fantasy collections and the new fantasy novel, Tender Morsels. She writes the weblog Among Amid While, which she started in July 2005. She posts a lot about her work, her writing, and where she goes and who she sees as she publicises her books and stories. But she also gives us a glimpse behind the scenes at what makes a writer tick, and falter, trip and get up again. She's not unique in Australia in being a published author who runs a literary weblog, but she is one of a very small group.

1. How would you describe your weblog to someone who wasn't at all sure what this blogging business is about?

As slightly one-sided water-cooler conversation for a person who doesn't work in an office. As a placemarker for a decent website, when I get around to setting one up. As me-me-me-related jottings, mainly to do with my writing and books, but dipping into the personal-newsy every now and again.

2. Have there been any major changes in your weblog's direction, theme or subject since you started?

No, it's stayed pretty much the same. Me-me-me. And my books. And isn't THIS review silly? And look, here is me with Colin Farrell at a book launch - aren't I famous!

3. Do you have more books in your house than you can possibly read? If so, why?

I could read them all if this pesky full-time job would just go away. And I've read quite a lot of them - but I may re-read that one, so don't throw it away, for goodness' sake. And there are so many more that I want. The books that I really want - together with the time to sit on the chaise-longue and enjoy them - are big, weird coffee-table books, the kind they sell in Ariel in The Rocks, or the AGNSW bookshop. When my boat comes in, those are the sort I'll acquire. Of course, it's not all about the books IN MY HOUSE. There's also Leichhardt Library, which has rich pickings - and I can bring those home and sit on them for three weeks and more, and now I can renew them online and not get fined. And then there's the State Library of NSW, where not only can you find the obscure book your missionary great-great-uncle wrote back in 1870, but you can also get hold of all those books that otherwise you'd have to buy online and clutter up your house with. Like Anne Lamott's BIRD BY BIRD. And Alan Garner's THE VOICE THAT THUNDERS.

4. If there were three things you'd like to include in your weblog if you had more time/money, what would they be?

Those readings from TENDER MORSELS I was going to put up. More photographs and illustrations generally. Something created specially for the blog, like John and Hank Green's Brother project.

5. How would you eat an elephant?

I think I'd organise to have it liquidised and tubed directly into my stomach. It would take a long time to get through the whole beast, and I'd spend that time sitting up in bed reading.

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