Kate Grenville Watch #4

Reviews of The Lieutenant

"New Zealand Listener": "Grenville's great victory in this book is to show us that language is so much more than vocabulary or even grammar and syntax -- for this unlikely pair, it was 'not just the words and not just the meaning, but the way in which two people had found common ground and begun to discover the true names of things'. In short, she concludes, you can't learn a language without entering into a relationship and, in a sense, making a map of it."
"Bookbath" weblog: "I loved this seemingly simple but powerful book -- even though this is a fictionalised account based on the life of a real person, William Dawes, I think it can still possibly inform us of some of the events and feelings of this traumatic and often violent part of this countries past -- obviously still from the perspective of a white person which needs to be taken into account in our reading of this book."

Review of The Secret River

"Book Awards Reading Challenge" weblog: "Grenville's account of the struggles between the colonists and aboriginal people was eye-opening and compelling. In a modern context, we know what happened of this struggle, but it was mesmerizing and suspenseful to see this story play out in an early 19th century setting."


"The Canberra Times" sent Gia Metherell along to see Grenville discuss The Lieutenant at a literary lunch.

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