Australian LitBlog Snapshot: Introduction

Back in March this year, Damien Gay, Karen Chisholm and I published a number of short interviews with Australian crime writers. [See this post for the full list.] This followed on from a couple of similar exercises involving Australian sf and fantasy writers undertaken by Ben Peek, and others, over the previous few years. This "Snapshot", as it was called, aimed to introduce crime writers to our readers that they may not have been aware of. It seemed to work okay, if our feedback was anything to go on.

Not being one to let a good idea lie for too long I thought it might be time to do something along the same lines again, but this time with Australian bloggers; especially those who ran weblogs dealing with literature in a major way. I wasn't worried what field of literature these litbloggers covered, just so long as they showed a liking for books, authors, and things to do with the publishing world. So over the past month or so I've been getting in contact with these webloggers, sending off the same set of questions to each of them and generally cajoling them into taking part. Some have been extremely busy and have taken a little while to get back to me, and others have turned around their answers in about the time it took me to open a bottle and pour myself a decent glass of red. I've been impressed by, and grateful to, all of them, and as I now have the bulk of the answers back I intend to start publishing them as of tomorrow. One a day, with Sundays off, should see us most of the way through December before I'm finished.

I hope you find some interesting responses here, and that those responses prompt you to check out the relevant weblogs. There really is a lot of talent out there.

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