Australian LitBlog Snapshot #12 - Jonathan Strahan

Jonathan Strahan is an sf reviewer and editor based in Perth. His weblog is titled href="">"Notes from Coote Street", and generally deals with his life, his reading and his work. Jonathan is probably the only major sf anthologist in the country and he is able to provide a unique perspective on the sf publishing industry.

1. How would you describe your weblog to someone who wasn't at all sure what this blogging business is about?

It's a personal journal that covers everything from what's happening to my family to whatever work I might be doing as an editor. I use it as a place to catch stray thoughts, and more than once it's provided the core of a book introduction for me. It's something I'd like to be more dedicated and disciplined about, but I've never been quite able to make myself focus on it that much, so it remains very much a casual thing.

2. Have there been any major changes in your weblog's direction, theme or subject since you started?

Definitely. It started as a pure SF news journal, focusing on Australian SF news. As time passed I focussed on what I was doing in the SF field, and as that became part of my day-to-day life it became more of a personal journal.

3. Do you have more books in your house than you can possibly read? If so, why?

Absolutely! I have more books in my house than any five people could read. My wife and I are both avid readers, so when we merged households we had enormous stacks of boxes of books. I also have been reviewing books for more than ten years, so lovely book companies send me free ones. They build up fast over time, and I'm lousy at getting rid of them. I keep meaning to have an event at my house where I'll simply give away all the extra books I don't need or want, but not yet.

4. If there were three things you'd like to include in your weblog if you had more time/money, what would they be?

To be serious, well-considered thoughtfully developed posts that had more substance. I keep meaning to do something substantial and interesting there, but I don't. I guess, also, if I had money to burn I'd like to turn it into an online journal and publish fiction. I don't know that'll ever happen, though.

5. How would you eat an elephant?

Slowly, probably with a nice plum sauce.

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