Markus Zusak

Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief amongst other works, is interviewed in "The Courier-Mail" by Kathleen Noonan, and he's quite candid about the luck he's had.

Early on in Zusak's writing life, living at home in Sydney's western suburbs, he scratches away at stories when not at school or playing football.

He sends them off to various publishers.

"Usually you hear nothing. But one day, I get this letter back saying, 'No thanks, but you do have promise'."

That is enough to fire his passion and make him decide to be a writer.

Later he rings the publisher to talk to the letter-writer to get more advice, believing she is an editor. No. She doesn't work there. She never did.

She was just a work-experience student who was given the rejection letter to write.

Zusak laughs. "So you see, I based my entire career path on a work-experience girl's advice. How random is that?"

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