Matthew Reilly Interview

Matthew Reilly, author of The Six Sacred Stones, is interviewed in "The Courier-Mail" by Samela Harris.

He attributes much of his name recognition to plain hard work.

"In the early days, I said 'yes' to everything," he says.

"Schools, radio or TV interviews, I said 'yes' and I did them all, so it came to a point in the last couple of years that a lot of people know who Matthew Reilly is -- and it is always a surprise.

"You know, you spend so long climbing the mountain that you don't actually realise you might be near the top. But now, when you say 'Matthew Reilly', they say 'you mean the author?'. And that has always been my goal, that people know Matthew Reilly is the guy who tells these stories."

Reilly continues to love interacting with his readers. He says book clubs are a favourite thing. And he sustains a lively dialogue on his website through a blog and a Frequently Asked Questions section in which he more or less interviews himself.

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