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Christopher Bantick interviews Stefan Laszczuk for "The Courier-Mail".

Laszczuk says that the genesis for the story, understandably, came from some of his experiences. Still, he makes the point, that it is not an autobiography.

"Originally, it was going to be the story of one person who worked in a bowling alley. This is not heavily autobiographical, but I guess after over 250,000 words cut down to 70,000 words, there was a lot of shifting of the scenes," he says. "It's a book which is imaginative but with some elements of my life recalled. The novel was written to a predetermined structure as part of a PhD thesis."

The tone of the novel is often comic, with some moments of pensive reflection. By writing about two characters, which are suggestive of being basically dysfunctional people, Laszczuk says that he was influenced by writers who know how to hook readers.

Laszczuk's latest novel is the Vogel Award winning I Dream of Magda

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