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Kathy Lette, author of Puberty Blues, Mad Cows, How to Kill Your Husband and the upcoming To Love, Honour and Betray (Till Divorce Do Us Part), is interviewed in "The Sydney Morning Herald" by Lucy Cavendish.

But while thousands of women love Lette's books and the endless punning (she is the mistress of "tongue-fu", as she calls it), she has her critics.

Years ago she got mauled by the broadcaster Melvyn Bragg on the Radio 4 program Start The Week. One theory often bandied around about Lette is that she is a feisty, ballsy broad who talks about sex incessantly and loudly because she has an inferiority complex and, consequently, is always trying to shock.

Lette rolls her eyes when I tell her this. "Oh, yeah," she says. "When I came over from Australia with Geoffrey it caused such a stir that everything pales in comparison. I'm used to the fact that the English upper class have a degree in condescension."

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