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As his third young adult novel Money Run is published, Jack Heath is interviewed for "The Courier-Mail" by Nathan Sauer.

With Heath's ability to conquer the best-selling list of Australian authors, and to write three books in only a few years, it is easy to forget this novelist's youth.

But when he talks about being intimidated by a room full of teenage girls, you are reminded just what a young talent he really is.

Heath says that, at his age, researching his books is one part of the writing process he really enjoys.

"I get to do all sorts of training, which is always fun," he says. "I recently did firearm training which is something most people don't get to do. But that's part of my job, so I'm very lucky."

While he has been on the Australian literary scene for years, Heath is quick to deny that he's a veteran. He says that all you need to become a novelist is pen, paper and ideas.

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