Shaun Tan's The Arrival has been adapted for the stage by the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

The "Monkey with a Machinegun" weblog posts a possible last paragraph to the "Not-So-Great Australian Novel". Needs to change "sidewalk" to "footpath", however.

Karen spent a fair amount of time at the Crime & Justice Festival last weekend and has been writing about what she found there on her weblog.

"The Independent" newspaper runs a piece titled "Crime Fiction: Around the World in 80 Sleuths". Two of them are Australian: Diamond Doves by Adrian Hyland, and The Broken Shore by Peter Temple. The rest of the list is pretty damn good as well.

The "Sleepers Alamanac" people have made available podcasts from their Salons held over winter in Melbourne: Ramona Koval in conversation with Zoe Dattner, Sophie Cunningham in conversation with Louise Swinn, and Steven Carroll (this year's Miles Franklin Award winner) also in conversation with Louise Swinn.

D.M. Cornish's Monster Blood Tattoo series now has a book trailer up on YouTube.

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