A Classic Year: 14.0 The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay

magic_pudding.jpg The Magic Pudding
Norman Lindsay

The Magic Pudding is a classic of world children's literature, not merely Australian. The novel follows the exploits of Bill Barnacle the sailor, Bunyp Bluegum the koala, and Sam Sawnoff the penguin, as they try to keep their magical pudding out of the reach of the notorious Pudding Thieves. The pudding of the title has the ability to change from savoury to sweet - depending on the requirements of its owners - and to never run out. Definitely a case of "having your cake" and being able to eat it as well.

Liberally illustrated by the author and peppered with poems and songs, the book pokes gentle fun at all parts of society: justice and the law, bureacracy and the avaricious nature of the great unawashed. In his introduction to the New York Review Children's Collection 2004 reprint edition, Philip Pullman described the book as "the funniest book ever written."


The full text of this book is not available as it it is still under copyright.
Norman Lindsay Wikipedia page
The Magic Pudding Wikipedia page
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