The Big Payback

Dean, of the "Happy Antipodean" weblog, went along to see Christos Tsiolkas and Gideon Haigh read from Tolerance, Prejudice and Fear commissioned by Sydney PEN. While there he also bumped into Helen Garner.

Stephen Carroll was in South Africa for the award ceremony for the 2008 Commonwealth Writers' Prize, and has written an account of his time there for "The Age".

Susan Wyndham was a judge in the Australian Book Design Awards, and writes about the winners for "The Sydney Morning Herald".

In July, the Australian Chamber Orchestra will tour the eastern states playing a composition based on Shaun Tan's book The Red Tree.

There's a theory that Waltzing Matilda was only written to impress a woman? Yeah, so?

Anita Heiss was one of the editors of The Macquarie PEN anthology of Aboriginal Literature, and writes about what the project meant to her personally and professionally.

Bob Carr, ex-premier of New South Wales, has only just published his latest book and is already looking to his next project, as he tells "The Brisbane Times": "My Reading Life has a chapter on Australian political history and biography, but Carr had neither time nor space to cover Australian literature other than Patrick White's 'comic novels' and Colleen McCullough's ancient Rome series. He would like to do so in another book. 'I've got to write something about novelists who capture Sydney and it's the unwritten chapter of this book,' he says."

Cynthia Clampitt visited Elsey Station and came across the grave of Aeneas Gunn, author of We of the Never-Never.

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