Australian Poetry on the Radio

I've been meaning to write about the Australian Poetry series that was featured on ABC Radio National's "The Book Show" from May 12 to May 16. I kept putting it off until a comment today led me to the realisation that I had inadvertently included the wrong date in a previous mention of this series, in particular the episode in which I appear. Anyway, hie yourself over to the program's website and listen to the podcast of each program. Lyn Gallacher and the program's producers have done a wonderful job. For the life of me I can't figure out who is speaking about C.J. Dennis using my words. Doesn't sound like me at all. My wife picked it straight away somehow. The programs featured:
"Five Bells" by Kenneth Slessor
"Rockpool" by Judith Wright
"The Glugs of Gosh" by C.J. Dennis
"The Continuance of Poetry" by Rosemary Dobson
"The Death of the Bird" by A.D. Hope

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