Australian Crime Fiction Snapshot Postscript

Did we miss anyone? Yes, of course we did. And there are many reasons for that; mostly due to a lack of contact details. Though, in some cases, work commitments or travel schedules got in the way so that we weren't able to connect. That was disappointing for the three of us, and, according to some emails we've received, to a number of readers as well.

So we've decided to do a second round of interviews, contacting as many authors as we can who were not covered in this snapshot. We have a fair idea who they are, but we are also open to suggestions. Each of us has a readily accessible email address located somewhere on the relevant weblog. Feel free to contact any of us with the name of an author you'd like to see featured. We're not sure about the actual timing of those interviews as yet. It will probably be a couple of months before they appear, but rest assured we'll announce their imminent arrival in good time. In the meantime, keep reading these three weblogs. You're bound to find a lot of interesting material while you wait.

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