Reviews of Australian Books #75

Just one book under review this time, for a very good reason: namely that the author of the book challenged me to link to it. And happy I am to oblige.

On the "" site Megan J. Bulloch reviews Monster Blood Tattoo: Lamplighter, the second volume in D.M. Cornish's series concerning the Half-Continent.

Much as I would like to write about this incredible new world, with its host of new characters and new sort of creepiness for hours, I could review D.M. Cornish's Lamplighter, the second in the Monster Blood Tattoo series in a single, longish word: getsuppliesinbeforeyoustartbecauseyouwillNOTputitdownandwillnotevensleepuntilitisdone-thenyouwillwaitbreathlessly(andalittlegrumpily)forthethirdinstallment.


This book is interesting on various levels. It is certainly a good, solid novel with highly entertaining characters. It is also an exploration of self - how do we become the people we end up as? What role do our parents, important adults and our society play in this becoming? What does it mean to be human?

I WILL be reading this book when it comes out.

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