On Other Blogs #38

kimbofo has responded to a new reading meme which asks "If the world were to end tomorrow what book would you read today?" Her response: My Brother Jack by George Johnston. Mine would probably be The Boy Scout's Guide to Doing Practically Everything, if there is such a book. The reason being that we all know that the end of the world normally means there's a few people left behind, (eg The Road by Cormac McCarthy or I Am Legend by Richard Matheson), so I want to be well-prepared.

Angela Savage has had her first novel, Behind The Night Bazaar, published in German under the title Nachtmarkt, which sounds a little pedestrian. Anyway, she was intrigued to read the write-up on the German publisher's site, but having no German she utilised the internet Babel Fish translator, with amusing results.

It's zombies all over the place, with Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, and Lili Wilkinson introducing the monsters into classic texts by such writers as Dickens, Joyce and Whitman. And they read pretty good as well. However, I'm more of a vampire man myself.

Sean Williams releases news of a forthcoming collection of his best short sf stories. The publisher will be Ticonderoga Publications. No, I have no idea how to pronounce that name either.

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