Reprint: Memory of Marcus Clarke

Marcus Clarke, the Australian novelist, died in a house in Inkerman Road, St. Kilda, on August 2, 1881, leaving a young family. Marian, the second daughter, was in her third year. They left the house. Marian had just been telling me that after all these years she has seen the house again. The Australian Literature Society had lately asked her about it, and she went out to Inkerman Road a few days ago to see if the old house still stood. She was just in time. A sale notice was on the fence, and she was told that the house is doomed to demolition, to make way for modern flats. Marcus Clarke called it Sunnyside. Perhaps the owner of the new flats will retain that name or perhaps apply the novelist's own name to th ebuilding. Miss Marian Marcus Clarke found the surroundings of the house much changed. An orchard had been built over, and Sunnyside is now at the corner of a new street, Orange Grove.

First published in The Herald, 28 July 1934

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