Great Australian Authors #40 - Zora Cross

Zora Cross (1890 - 1964)
My muse is a minx with a spell for a smile.
   She gallops a waggon of whims through the skies,
And teasings capricious and pranks all the while
   She pours upon me who would sing to her eyes.

She coaxes me on like a siren at play,
   Then leaves me alone with a shadow to doze.
As faithless as Venus, she flits with a fay,
   Or marries her moods to the rim of a rose.

I went to her house and I opened the door
   To peep at the exquisite corridors there,
And thousands of dreams that were strewing the floor
   Cried: "Constancy only can win the most fair."

And so on her lily-white doorstep I wait,
   Or wander away with her lover in glee.
Now faithful, now fickle, I toy with my Fate,
   For I am a maiden as wilful as she.

My Muse, 1917
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