Bill Congreve Interview

Bill Congreve is one of the major editors and small publishers within the Australian sf&f field, but he wears other hats as well. He is interviewed on the "OzHorrorScope" weblog.

Do you see yourself more as an editor, a publisher, a bookseller, or a writer?

Or critic? I think I've published more book reviews/criticism of Australian speculative fiction at a professional level than anybody else. Don't quote me on that. (This is entirely different to the kind of academic criticism published by Van Ikin and Bruce Gillespie. I don't have that skill.) I miss bookselling and love the rare opportunities I get on the MirrorDanse dealer's table at conventions. Unfortunately, bookselling isn't a career which pays a mortgage in Sydney. At work I seem to be doing more editing, but that's technical editing of non-fiction. In terms of testing a non-fiction document to make sure it all adds up and how it can be improved, that isn't unlike fiction editing. These days I'd have to think of myself as publisher, then editor, then writer. Why? Because that's what I'm actually doing. I do wish the writing was taking a greater role.

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