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With her debut novel, Addition, due out from Text Publishing with the next fortnight, Toni Jordan is interviewed by Fiona Gruber in "The Sydney Morning Herald". (Be aware though, especially if you are an aspiring author, that Jordan's story of her success might just evince feelings of overwhelming jealousy).

She had absolutely no pretensions as a novelist, she continues, coming from a background where "it seems so self-indulgent [to imagine] that anyone should be interested in the ramblings of your head". She claims to be devoid of all creativity except a modest amount of literary skill. Yet her debut novel Addition, a witty and sexy romp about a woman obsessed with numbers and a hunky stranger, is due out with much fanfare in Australia next month and has been sold in nine countries.
Then again, her innate sense of enjoyment in the whole process tends to disarm any bad feelings you might have about her.

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