On Other Blogs #37

D.M. Cornish let it be known that Lamplighter, the second volume of his "Monster Blood Tattoo" series, went to the printers on November 7. The book weighs in at over 600 pages and is expected to be released in May 2008.

Susan Johnson, held a book reading in Paris at Shakespeare and Co. "In many ways Paris is the perfect place to confirm oneself as a writer, since it is one of the few places in the world to respect the arts so highly, and literature in particular. If Australia is (arguably) still a place where the important man is the rich man (as Patrick White suggested in his essay The Prodigal Son and which I still believe holds true) then Paris is still the place where an un-rich and unconfident young woman might hope -- even in the most modest and uncertain way -- to pledge herself to some higher thing. Paris made the possibility of a life pledged to literature seem completely possible, and not 'wanky' or 'over-wrought' or 'ridiculous' in the least."

Matt Rubinstein is getting involved with a brand new project in which he, and a few other writers, will "pretend for a year that they are living in one of the other writers' hometowns, where they have in fact never been." Rubinstein will "be spending a virtual year in Graz, Austria, the birthplace of Claudia Chibici-Revneanu."

Margo Lanagan notes that she has a new story coming out in The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy edited by Ellen Datlow, which also features a new work by Lucy Sussex.

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