It's THAT Time of the Year

As you might expect, blog posts will be a little infrequent over the next week or so: there's the big family lunch tomorrow (I'm hoping the weather will be kinder this year so I can actually stand outside next to the BBQ), then a recovery session on Boxing Day (did I really have to open that second bottle of sparkling shiraz?), then the cricket on the 27th, The Golden Compass with the kids on the 28th, and snoozes in front of the cricket on TV for the rest of the week.

I'll be back, just not so sure when. I have a major reading plan lined up for next year which will mean I have to get started Day One 2008, and I'm working with another Australian weblogger on a genre-based project that will need some detailed attention over the next few weeks, so that might give you some sort of indication.

I hope you and yours have a good, safe festive season and that you get all the books you wanted. Lots of Aussie ones too.

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