Kathryn Fox Interview

With her third novel, Skin and Bone, out and about, Kathryn Fox is interviewed in "The Courier-Mail" by Samela Harris.

"Of course, in reality, one is not going to like everybody and everybody is not going to like you. I've discovered this with readers."

Internet feedback, it seems, is sometimes hard to take. Fox calls them the "armchair critics" who, liberated by anonymity, ping off gratuitous bursts of email venom.

Some crime readers are fixed in their tastes, obsessively loyal to their favourite writers . . . or so Fox explains.

It is clear she feels stung.

But she is not striving to emulate anyone and, possessed of a generous spirit, feels no territorial imperative on the creative scene. She believes in a more-the-merrier of crime fiction, a world which encompasses Patricia Cornwell, P.D. James, Sara Paretsky -- and Kathryn Fox.

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