Poem: The Dreamers and the Doers by Grant Hervey

I stood upon a distant star, athwart the straits of misty space;
The Earth seemed like a mighty Car, dragged on and on with dogged pace.
The Dreamers lazed upon the world, and dreamed at ease of visions strange;
The Doers strained their yokes and drew the Car across the ruts of Change.

With shoulders bent the Team trudged on towards a far-off, shining star;
I heard yawns drift e'er and anon from some bored riders on the Car.
I saw one Dreamer rub his eye, and heard him grumble and complain
Because his slow globe did not fly to that bright star and back again!

What fools are they, I thought, who let these lazy fellows growl and whine
And beat them, tho' they groan and sweat, with whips of words on neck and spine?
And Some One on an asteroid called out across dim space to me:
"The Doers drag the earthly Car; the other chaps write Poetry!"

First published in The Bulletin, 18 April 1907

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