D.M. Cornish Interview

D.M. Cornish, author of Monster Blood Tattoo: The Foundling, is interviewed by Miss Erin on her weblog.

What can you tell us about the next Monster Blood Tattoo book?

I can tell you it is called Lamplighter -- but most would already know that, that it is about 136,000 words long (Foundling was 83,000 words) that the Explicarium for Book 2 will be just as long as it was for Book 1, that it begins near on two months after Rossam√ľnd first arrived at Winstermill -- the headquarters of the lamplighters, that it introduces a whole new cast of characters -- such as the hard-headed Grindrod, the lamplighter-sergeant -- whilst keeping a few of the originals, that it will be in books shops, by the grace of God, May next year (that is 2008) -- bring it on, I say!

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