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Adrian Hyland won the 2007 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel for Diamond Dove and I had heard a rumour from somewhere that he was working on a follow-up, but had no details of the new book. Then, today, I found this reference in the October 2007 edition of "Bookseller + Publisher", under their "Wheeling and Dealing" column: "Text bought the...ANZ and translation rights to Adrian Hyland's Gunshot Road." And seeing that this information was out there I thought I'd check on the web to see if there was anything else:

Adrian Hyland's DIAMOND DOVE, the story of a woman caught between two worlds, who returns to her home in the Australian outback only to have a friend murdered hours after her arrival, and GUNSHOT ROAD: Two Emily Tempest Novels, to Laura Hruska at Soho Press, in a nice deal, for publication in spring 2008, by Peter McGuigan at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, on behalf of Mary Cunnane at Mary Cunnane Agency (NA).
That quote is taken from the "My Irrationalities" weblog, in a section titled "Industry Update" dated 15th December 2006. I wonder if this is a matter of the news taking this long to leak out here, or if Hyland sold his second novel in the US first. Either way I'm sure his new book will succeed as well as his first.

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