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You may have noticed a drop off in the number of postings on this weblog over the past
week or so. There's nothing really to worry about, I'm not unwell, I'm not bored, I'm just tired. The new job I started in July has really started to kick in and by the end of the day I'm pretty much exhausted. The prospect of sitting in front of a PC at home, after spending 8 or so hours of doing exactly that during the day, feels me with something approaching dread.

Actually, I am a bit bored with this weblog at the moment. A number of my continuing series - such as Literary Monuments - have come to a halt due to lack of material, and I have a bit of a gap in ideas about what to head towards next. I have no doubt I'll come up with something, I generally do. I just need a bit of breathing space.

Anyway, the publishing industry isn't exactly burning the house down at present. Where
are the scandals? The new books everyone is talking about? I reckon they're just around the corner. When they turn up I'll let you know.

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