On Other Blogs #34

The wriggly blokes over at the "Talking Squid" weblog have started a new interview thread: the subject of one day's one-question interview asks a question of someone else the next. The first featured Chris Lawson talking to Nick Evans, who then spoke to Sean Williams, who then questioned Jonathan Strahan. This could go on forever. Mainly sf
so far but it could spread its wings soon. Wish I'd thought of it.

Max Barry, author of the excellent novel Company, responds to a reader stuck in a dilemma. The reader has been lending copies of Barry's book to work colleagues and now finds that his manager wants to read it, and wants the reader to attend his book club to discuss it. "One of the interesting things about corporate workplaces is that they turn otherwise decent human beings in... well, management. They're not like that because they're petty, deceitful
scumbags. I mean, obviously that helps. But it's the environment that encourages those personality traits." He might be getting into a nature vs nurture debate here. From what I'd seen, I would generally come down on the side of nature.

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