On Other Blogs #33

Justine Larbalestier explains why she loves blogging. 'Lately, I've realised that part of my writing process is to procrastinate. I need to futz around blogging, reading blogs, cooking, reading books, watching tellie in order to get my brain to the point where it's ready to write. When I just leap into writing gears grind on gears and it ain't pretty. Blogging and other procratinatory activities are necessary brain lubricants." Which is a pretty interesting way of looking at it.

Alice Taylor, via Cory Doctorow and the "Boing Boing" weblog, recommends The Silver Road, by Australian author Grace Dugan, as a great summer read. Not quite the season here yet, but if this weather keeps up summer will be here before we know it.

Jonathan Strahan is reading stories for inclusion in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Vol 2, and has hit the panic stage. It seems that judicious use of single malt scotch might be the only reliable cure.

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