Peter Temple Interview

Jenny Davidson, US novelist, decided to tag along on the One Shot World Tour organized by Colleen Mondor and interview Australian author Peter Temple. It was only afterwards that she realised that the original Tour was aimed at Australian YA authors. Doesn't matter; we're always happy to hear from Temple about life.

I like horses and horse racing. The animals are beautiful, their nobility shames the often tawdry humans who surround them. I am a gambler too, so racing is a source of pleasure, smugness, pain, and chagrin. What else in life offers so much? Australian Rules football, that's what. It's a game of beauty, elegance and physical danger. Then there is the casual brutality and the bravery and the endurance. And I am speaking only of what it takes to be a fan.
He has a few things to say about wrtiing as well, including the prospects of a South African based novel.

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