David Conyers Interview

David Conyers, author of The Spiraling Worm, a 'linked-novel' of seven Cthulhu Mythos horror/espionage stories, co-authored with John Sunseri is interviewed at the "Horrorscope" weblog. The interview is in two

Long ago, I decided not to focus on "how" my writing career was going to happen, just on "what" I wanted it to be. By knowing what I want and staying focused upon my goals, I find the "hows" just comes to me, exploring options on how to get there, and then trying out the hows see if they work -- or not. Eventually, something does...

I'd always wanted to write science fiction ever since I was six when I saw Star Wars for the first time. That desire has never left me. I'd tried writing a novel, and then another, and those few publishers who did give me feedback said something very similar to what my English teachers said: the ideas are there but your grammar is terrible. So I decided to try my hand at writing role-playing games, which seemed easier to write. I started with the Call of Cthulhu game, which had always been a favourite.

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