Poem: Australian Impulsive Eloquence! by W.T. Goodge

The new Premier, the Right Honorable George Houston Reid, P.C., is 59 years of age, and is still full of the vigor and fire for which he is noted, and which is essential to a fighting politician. Scotch by birth, but Australian by education and adoption, Mr. Reid combines the caution and shrewdness of the Northerner with the impulsive eloquence and caustic wit of the native Australian. - Sydney Morning Herald

I've seen but little evidence
   Of "caustic native wit,"
But of "impulsive eloquence"
   I understand a bit!
There's eloquence and impulse too,
   I have been charmed by both,
From Dubbo out to Dandaloo --
   My Red Australian Oath!

"Impulsive eloquence!" indeed!
   The thought is hard to bear.
I don't believe that G.H. Reid
   Was ever taught to swear!
But find a bullocky whose team
   Is bogged against a fence,
And then you'll hear a lovely stream
   Of "Native Eloquence!"

First published in The Bulletin, 25 August 1904

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