Glenda Adams Obituaries And Remembrances

Obituaries and remembrances of Glenda Adams have been appearing over the past few weeks, so it's probably time to sample them.

In "The Sydney Morning Herald", John Dale provides a summarised biography in his obituary, which is probably as good an example of the form as you can hope for in the confines of a newspaper's columns: "Adams was a writer's writer who understood the creative process. Never one to seek the limelight, she made a significant contribution to Australian literature and the discipline of creative writing. She built an international following of admirers of her fiction and her approach to teaching."

Richard, on the weblog "Syntax of things", takes a different direction and writes about the Glenda Adams he knew in the 1970s.

As does the writer on "The View from Elsewhere" weblog, proving yet again that there is a place for the intimate blogging approach: "I met Glenda a couple of years ago when she came to Alice Springs to conduct a series of creative writing workshops. I found her a greatly encouraging, yet incisive teacher: she seemed to possess the perfect blend of astuteness and diplomacy for teaching creative writing. A gentle, almost fey personality, she exuded a grandmotherly charm that seemed to mask a fascination with the darker, more gothic aspects of life. She also had a knack for making pithy comments about the writing process, many of which often come back to me as I try to teach and write. I remember her joking in one of our workshops, 'I keep on telling you these all bon mots, though none of them are particularly bon.'"

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