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I was most impressed with D.M. Cornish's novel Monster Blood Tattoo: The Foundling when I read it last year: a good adventure, excellent and inventive world-building, and great illustrations. I had read somewhere that the Adelaide-based author was aiming to bring out the next two novels in the sequence at yearly intervals, which, by my calculations, put the expected publication date of volume two as somewhere around April or May of this year. But I couldn't find a copy anywhere in the shops and figured there must have been a delay of some sort.

And it seems I was right, Cornish has a weblog on which he explains a bit about the delay and then drops the news that we will have to wait till April of 2008 for the next novel. That's a pity, as I was looking forward to it. But it's good to see the author letting his readers know just what is going on. Should be more of it.

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