On Other Blogs #29

Marshal Zeringue applies the "Page 99 Test" to Emily Maguire's first novel Taming the Beast.

Sophie Masson, author of a number of young adult novels, has taken up a guest blogging role at "The Good Reading Magazine" for the next three months. Her two columns so far have covered the topics "This Writing Life" and "Why I Write for Children." It's her enthusiasm that makes me come over all tired.

Penni Russon wonders about "early chapter books" for the 4-9 year olds on her weblog "Eglantine's Cake". As she puts it, so succinctly: "There are so many freaking FAIRY and PRINCESS books it also made me want to vomit rainbows and butterflies." My son, who fits into this age group is a big fan of the Zac Power books - about a boy who has to save the world and still finish his homework - but beyond that it gets a bit thin.

Justine Larbalestier extols the
virtues of swearing, without actually doing so, which I think is a pretty good trick, and in the process puts the boot into the banning of books.

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