Nick Cave as a Lyricist

Will Self puts the case, in "The Guardian", for Australia's Nick Cave to be considered as one of the greatest writers on love of our times:

Cave, as a poetic craftsman, provides all the enjambment, ellipsis and onomatopoeia that anyone could wish for. A word on eroticism and the dreadful dolour of knowing not only that all passion is spent - but also that you're overdrawn. If Cave were to be typified as a lyricist of blood, guts and angst, it would be a grave mistake. He stands as one of the great writers on love of our era. Each Cave love song is at once perfumed with yearning, and already stinks of the putrefying loss to come. For Cave, consummation is always exactly that.

Nick Cave: The Complete Lyrics is recently published by Penguin.

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