Jason Nahrung and Mil Clayton

Over on the "Horrorscope" weblog, Talie Helene interviews authors Jason Nahrung and Mil Clayton, as their dark fantasy novel, The Darkness Within, is launched in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

There is a slight curiosity in the book's marketing:

The Darkness Within has been published under Jason's name; I was curious if this was a marketing decision to consolidate under one name, or if there was a point when you decided that authorship belonged more to Jason...

Mil: "Lothian only wanted the one name on the cover. We either had to choose a pseudonym or go under Jason's name. I believed it was fair to have Jason's name on the cover as it was he who had work-shopped and expanded the novel to bring it to the current polished story that it is today. My name appears on the title-page inside."

Jason: "We could have used a nom-de-plume, but that didn't really work for marketing future work, because I do have a number of manuscripts I hope will see the light of day. I'm the one who wants to write -- and sell -- more books. Most of the reworking -- rewriting, editing, marketing, and all that jazz -- has been mine. That means I have to take most of the blame, too."

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