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Anyone who has had the pleasure of wandering the small streets on Hay-on-Wye, on the English-Welsh border, will understand the wonders to be found on a town that is wall-to-wall bookshops. Hay-on-Wye was established in 1961 and, since then, over 20 other such booktowns have appeared around the world. Now, there is news that the small township of Clunes, about 20 kilometres north of Ballarat in Victoria, has decided to try to set up Australia's first dedicated booktown. It will take a while, but already there are two bookshops in the town and others look sure to follow.

"To get the ball rolling, the town will host the first Clunes Book Town for a Day event, on May 20, from 9am-4pm. The day will consist of more than 50 rare and second-hand booksellers setting up stalls in the old buildings. There will also be food stalls, wine asting, art and collectables. Barry Jones will talk about his latest book, A Thinking Reed, and ABC Radio National will record a program for its books show from Clunes. There will be a rare book worth $800 hidden among the shops that will cost only a few dollars for the finder." Clunes is also on the edge of the Australian Pyrenees, a wonderful wine district, so there is some degree of synergy in the location. Well, there is for me anyway.

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